How to become a member of the CWC:

Associate Member: Congregation receives CWC emails and is listed on website as an associate member. An associate member congregation is expected to maintain the following inclusive practices:

  • Congregation designates a congregational liaison to act as a contact person with the CWC.
  • A statement about being an inclusive/beloved/welcoming congregation is included in publicity material; posted at congregational sites, events, in newsletters.
  • Liturgy, sermons, publicity materials, education materials, etc include language that recognizes the range of people’s sexual orientations and gender identities.
  • A regularly scheduled internal review process and education for the congregations’ leadership and membership. The CWC can assist with self-assessment, goal setting and implementation.

Note: An associate member congregation can also be “in process” of implementing these welcoming practices

Full Member: Congregation receives CWC emails and is listed on website as a full member. A full member congregation is expected to maintain the following inclusive practices:

  • Everything listed above for an associate member.
  • The congregation affirms the wide diversity of family life; including singles, chosen family, families without children. This is established in children’s and adult educational programming and materials; in lifecycle events; in ritual life; in liturgy and sermons; in holiday celebrations/observances. Forms and paperwork are inclusive of multiple sexual orientations and gender identities (For example: “Parent A,” “Parent B” and “Parent C.” Non-binary gender options are also included).
  • The congregation provides spiritual care to LGBTQI persons; this includes having at least one designated volunteer, staff, and/or clergy who is particularly trained and knowledgeable about LGBTQI welcoming practices.
  • The congregation is involved in at least one social justice/public witness activity per year, and one program within their congregation that supports and increases the ongoing welcome of LGBTQI persons.

Friends/Campus Ministers/Chaplains/Spiritual Directors: Receive CWC emails and are isted on the website as a “Friend of the CWC” along with the professional designation. This category of membership is reserved for individuals and organizations who support and/or volunteer with the CWC and have a mission statement that is not in conflict with the mission and purpose of the CWC.

Contacts: Congregation and individuals will receive CWC emails, but without a membership designation of CWC and will not be listed on website.

If you have any questions or concerns about our membership policy, please feel free to submit it on our “Contact” page (and we will be glad to reply to you).

Click here to download Membership Form

You can mail/fax/scan or e-mail your application to us.

Mailing Address:
Coalition of Welcoming Congregations of the Bay Area
ATTN: Membership
Pacific School of Religion
1798 Scenic Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

Fax: (510) 849-8212


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