Be a part of the 5th annual Equality Ride in the Bay Area

This historic 5th annual Equality Ride is making its way across the country, creating deeply impacting and multi-isse projects in each city it visits.  The Riders are taking on the tough task of working on LGBTQ issues in a context of race, class, homelessness, youth services, and the multi-faith world we live in.
Right now they are in their third city of ten, Chicago, visiting the school that inspired it all: Wheaton College.  Eventually they will make their way to San Francisco and we want you to welcome them home!
We have several days of activities and we would love nothing more than to have you celebrate with us.
April 29th
The Equality Ride arrives late evening in San Francisco
April 30th
The Riders visit Patten University in Oakland that does not welcome LGBTQ students during the day.  At night, a special performance of Corpus Christi, the play, for Soulforcers.  Reserve early because only 100 seats are available!  Afterparty with cast and crew of the Equality Ride.
May 2nd
Enjoy breakfast with the Riders and get to know them better one-on-one.  Hear from Soulforce staff we what we have in store for the next year, and give us your feedback. We want to hear from you, our community!  In the evening, join us at the Church of Uncommon Hope for a send-off service for our Riders departing tomorrow and spoken word from our Riders.
May 3rd
Most of the Riders depart this day.  Six Riders who are on the leadership team are here for a couple more days to finish debriefing.  They would love to have you join them at an evening panel on intersectional justice and lessons learned on the road with the Equality Ride. Location and time TBD.

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