Castro Valley Pride Needs Your Help!

Hello Friends!
Last year’s impromptu Castro Valley Pride was an amazing story – what had been just an idea in the heads of a few Castro Valley High School students became an actual ‘Rainbow Rally in the Valley’ event in just a few weeks with hundreds of supporters turning out to hear our equality minded speakers and musicians. Who knew such an amazing thing could happen in Castro Valley?

This year we are doing it again on Saturday July 21st and we REALLY need your support.

We have no corporate sponsors, no network of financial advisors, no nonprofit organizations backing us up, and definitely no Super PAC. All we have is our big ideas and a desire to show what a welcoming and inclusive community we have here in Castro Valley. We need to rent stages and restrooms and barricades; hire security people and deploy sound systems, and we have (we’re not making this up) no money yet to do any of it. Ack!

But we think we CAN do it and with your help we WILL pull it off! Please use the link below to donate any amount you can to Castro Valley Pride 2012, then send it along to anyone and everyone you know. We promise to bring you a terrific event on Saturday July 21st at Castro Valley High School.


FOR PAYPAL PLEASE USE ‘[email protected]


Frankie Canto

Holly Zeitz

Johnna Murch

Blair Hansen

Austin Bruckner

Billy Bradford

[email protected]

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